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Something funny happens when you spend your days glued to your computer screen looking up quotes for your typography and design business.

Besides the intense pain in your neck and shoulder region, you begin to realize how many everyday people have such inspired words to share, but rarely are you able to find the genius behind it.
It seemed a shame that these unknown literary heroes go unnamed and unappreciated.
Quote & Quote was conceived for this very reason. To offer everyday people a chance to join a community of like-minded individuals to share their quotes and inspirations, while leaving a lasting impression on the world.
What's the catch? We care only for the words of everyday people and not literary figures. They could be your words, your friend's words, or your uncle's (unless your uncle is Oscar Wilde)
Quote & Quote provides limitless opportunity for the everyday wordsmith to share their work with friends, family, or total strangers across the world.
Quote & Quote is a team of tightly knit creatives that have designed a social platform for those who still find profoundness in the written word and want to share their inspiration with the world.

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