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Welcome to Quote and Quote, a social platform where everyday people can spread their very own quotes and flashes of brilliance! Here are a few tips that will help you get started:

1. Visit our page:

2. On the top right corner you can see the "sign up" button. Click on it in order to start the sign-up process. 

3. After confirming your email account, you can set up your profile page. Keep in mind that the name you use as your username, will automatically appear at the bottom of your quotes. We recommend using your real name because it is the only way to get credited for your own work. You can also upload an avatar, a banner, write a few things about yourself and your work and add links to your website, FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

4. Now you can start creating quotes! You can find the black, "make a quote" button either on your profile page, on the right side, under the banner, or on our home page, below the news section.  

5. Once you are in the tool you will see two tabs: The one is called "Create" and the other is titled "Settings". In the "Create" section you'll find all the required steps that you have to follow in order to publish a quote. In the "Settings" section, you can add more information about your quote, but this part is optional. 

6. In the "Create" tab, you will need to pick a category for your quote (the subcategory is optional). Then you can proceed to add relevant tags. The minimum number of tags that is required is 3. 

7. Now you can start writing your very own quotes! You can choose a plain, one-colour background or you can pick a photo from our library. And yes, there's an "upload your own photo" button that allows you to add your very own photograph as your quote's background image. It is, nevertheless, recommended to keep the background neutral so that viewers can read your words easily!

8. Once you have written down the text and designed your image you can either publish your creation, or proceed to the "settings" section to add more information about your quote. But before publishing your quote keep in mind that you can opt to mark it as private by ticking the "mark as private" box below the quote image or keep it public. If you choose to publish a quote as "private" this means that it will appear on your profile page but it will only be visible by you and you alone! If you change your mind you can always turn it public, by clicking on the globe icon that appears beneath your quote.  

9. In the "Settings" part, in the "Enter a Quote description" box, you can add a few words about the source / inspiration / reason that led you to create this quote. 

10. In the "Add Quote Source" you can add a link to the actual source of this quote (it can be your blog post / your book's amazon listing / an online magazine etc). 

11. If the quote contains mature content, you will need to tick the "adult content" box. 

12. And now you can publish your quote! Once the quote has been published, you can share it on your Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account or send it through email to friends! 

13. You can also browse quotes from other users, like (or cherish as we say) other quotes and follow our members! 

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