Want to post a Quote from a prominent figure? Why not give your own spin on it?


So you want to share a famous quote?
Why not put your own spin on it?
Why not rephrase it?

Quote & Quote’s “Rephrased" category lets you put your own spin on famous quotes! Re-write pop culture’s most iconic quotes in your own words, make them funny, make them sad, just make them your own!

 How to Rephrase a Quote:

1. Go to the quote-image tool.
2. Pick the "Rephrase & Define" category from our tool's drop down menu.

3. Write down and design your quote.
4. Add the word "rephrase" among your tags.

5. In the "Settings" section, write down the original quote and quoter in the "Enter a Quote Description" box. 

6. And publish your quote! Great job!

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