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We have three exciting updates to announce, with many more to come in the following weeks!

1. Delete a Quote

You asked for it and our developers made it possible: You can delete a quote by pressing the "delete" button you'll find under your quote's tags! 

2. Make a Quote Private

A"private" quote is a quote that only you can see. You can mark a quote as private by ticking the "mark as private" button in the quote-creation-tool or you can publish your quote and later on click the "make private" globe button that you'll find below your image's tags (see photo 1).  

If want to turn a quote from "private" to "public", you can click on the globe button once more and your quote will be visible to all users. 

3. Claim your Username: 

You can now choose and set your page's unique public username (for example Go to "Profile Settings" and enter the name you want to use in the alias box. 

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